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New Gas Water Heater With New Water Filter

New Gas Water Heater With New Water Filter

How do you extend the life of a water heater?

Add a water filter in front of your water heater to capture the large particulate minerals from the public water system so there will be less sediment buildup inside your water tank over time.

Your water heater will operate more efficiently with less sediment buildup inside the tank. Sediment buildup reduces the lifespan of a water heater.

A Lafayette customer recently asked to upgrade his gas water heater. In doing so he also added a new water filter to help extend the life of his new water heater.

The plumbing services for this customer, working with a limited budget, was less than $1,000, not counting the cost for materials. He purchased his new water heater from Home Depot. And the new water filter was a GE 25 micron whole house filter, also from Home Depot.

Location: Lafayette, LA

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