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Under-Slab Tunneling To Correct In-Ground Leaks Without Major Digging

Under-Slab Tunneling

Being able to avoid major digging in and around your home is a big deal when it comes to drain and plumbing services. Under-slab tunneling allows Master Drain Services to get to the cause of in-ground leaks at your Lafayette property without digging up your yard or under your basement. Without this service, you might need to deal with a huge excavation project that disrupts your entire property. However, when you find a master plumber for Lafayette properties that uses this method, you can avoid the mess totally. Contact our office at 337-573-2564 to learn more about the benefits of under-slab and to schedule a service at your Lafayette home today.

Under Slab Hydro Tunneling

Under-slab tunneling is a very non-invasive option for fixing in-ground leaks to your plumbing system. At Master Drain Services, our goal is to disrupt your life as little as possible. We expect that you should be able to go about your day like normal while we work, despite some noise from tunneling and other tools.

Fix Leaks With Minimal Digging

Minimal digging is required to fix some leaks in your plumbing and sewer system. Under-slab tunneling works by tunneling under the concrete slabs of your foundation to minimally disrupt your home's foundation and your daily life. Before scheduling an under-slab tunneling service, you might first have us conduct a drain video camera inspection. This service can get to the root of a problem so we know exactly where we might need to dig to avoid a huge mess.

Frequently Asked Under-Slab Tunneling Questions

Under-slab tunneling is a very safe and effective option for fixing part of a home's sewer system without creating a huge mess for the homeowner. The other way to fix similar issues in your pipes is to cut directly through the concrete slabs of your foundation. Cutting through a concrete slab is very dangerous because it can create an unsteady area for your home

The process of under-slab tunneling occurs outside of your home to avoid a mess inside the home. Near the tunnel or on the driveway a pile of dirt will accumulate. The size of this dirt pile depends on the length of the tunnel needed. Our goal is to avoid opening up the pipes inside your home and creating a huge mess inside your kitchen or bathroom.

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