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Gas water heater pilot light stays lit but burner won’t ignite

Gas water heater pilot light stays lit but burner won’t ignite

Occasionally, on older model natural gas water heaters the pilot light will stay on but the burner won’t light.


Could be a couple of reasons why.

The most likely reason is the gas tube and/or burner assembly is clogged with debris. The gas tube and burner assembly needs to be blown out with compressed air.

This was the case for Yvette Migues’ gas water heater in New Iberia recently. But, she had an old water heater from 2001 that was on its last legs - lots of rust buildup in the burning chamber; old galvanized water supply pipes - so my buddy Robert Collins and I decided her water heater needed to be replaced, and now Yvette doesn’t have to worry about having hot water for at least 10 years or more. Robert is with Southside Air and Heat and helps me with jobs sometimes.

The plumbing services we provided included having the old water heater picked up by scrap man Chet Robichaux with C&M Haulers.

Location: New Iberia, LA

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Client Review

Todd Billot did and excellent job! He was on time, efficient, and knowledgeable! I definitely will use him again!

- Yvette M |

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