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A/C Causes Lavatory Sinks To Backup in Lafayette

A/C Causes Lavatory Sinks To Backup in Lafayette

It’s not unusual for the condensate drain line from your AC unit in your attic to cause your lavatory sink to back up.

At a recent drain cleaning job in Lafayette the customer had a condensate drain line from her AC unit tied into the vent pipe for two lavatory sinks.

The sinks were spontaneously filling up with water, which was a mystery to the customer.

Often algae will build up in one of the pipe joints under the slab of a house due to excessive condensate water from the AC unit in the attic. The water builds up and starts to fill up the lavatory sinks spontaneously.

To resolve the issue, most often I go into the attic, cut the vent pipe, and run my cable down the vent to clear the clog. I then use fittings to rebuild the pipe that was cut. And that resolves the problem.

Location: Lafayette, LA

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